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The Secret is to find what sets your soul on fire and DO IT!

It's time.

Welcome to

The Compass Rose

– Year Long Program –

We don't just promise direction, we deliver it.

Are you tired of investing in programs only to be left directionless, wondering 'okay, now what?'

It's time for a change.

Welcome to

The Compass Rose

– Year Long Program –

We don't just promise direction, we deliver it.

Join The Compass Rose Community Today

Navigating & Celebrating Your Best Life

is a Daily Practice

I’ve heard you! This is it! So many of you have asked for a

Badass & Beautiful Supportive Community where the spirit of OwnYourWorth + TRUE VOICE:Intensive is lived every day of the year.

A 12-month program into the core TRUTH that is YOU.

Welcome to The Compass Rose!

Show me your rituals...

Rituals go beyond traditional practices; they encompass daily habits essential for achieving life goals.


True North Enquiry

Empowering women to meet themselves again. Gaze in awe at all they are. Mindset & Identity the cornerstones: Aligning with personal truth weaves the thread of joy throughout ensuring professional and personal fulfillment.

Financial Navigation

Statistically, women have more financial challenges in retirement. Don’t accept this trend. Break the pattern: with informed articles and actionable resources take the helm of your financial future.

Mission Mapping

Focusing on the path ahead, releasing all that does not serve. Life ebbs and flows bringing identity shifts as purpose evolves. Set boundaries that guide every decision and increases momentum for massive positive results.

Health Charting

Stop spinning your wheels. Fad diets and conflicting health advice don’t work. Instead, set a course for rituals to THRIVE. Find the path to creating sustainable habits nourishing body and mind.

Health and wellness, financial strategies, mindset strategies, spiritual fulfillment delivered through:

  • Quarterly Q & A Programs

  • Nightly Publication

  • Surprise Speakers

  • Community: Private Facebook Group

  • Accountability Assignments for Results

Because when you do what you love,

life transforms into a thrilling adventure.

Get ready to conquer walls and face challenges.

The secret is to find what sets your soul on fire and DO IT!

Join The Compass Rose Community Today

Listen up!

This isn't your run-of-the-mill typical membership filled with fluff and empty promises.

The Compass Rose Year Long Program is the real deal. Get ready for hands-on worksheets that'll push you to take action and make real progress.

Plus, buckle up for live Q&A sessions with experts in health, finance, personal development, and beyond –

No BS, just straight-up authentic guidance you can trust.

But hold on, it gets even better.

How about chances to win some epic trips and sweet swag?

You heard me right!

We're talking about opportunities to jet off to dream destinations and score some seriously cool swag.

If you're ready for some substance, join us on this journey with the Compass Rose Year Long Program.

Join us, commit, & STAY TRUE together!

The Compass Rose is taken from my latest book

(coming to print soon)

Through our four-step process

you'll learn to align your actions with your values.

pave the way to true Fulfillment in every aspect of your life.

That's your TRUE NORTH -- your most deeply held beliefs, your values, the principles you lead by, and what inspires you.

Ready to take control and chart your course to success?

Join us on this transformative journey with The Compass Rose


Heed the call of your heart, own your TRUE VOICE, and set your dream life in motion


Immerse in the uplifting energy of heart-centered enrichment with like-minded, professional women


Infuse millimeter-shifts and habits for transformation


Fortifying your path ensuring continued success and align with what truly lights you up


Meet the Team


Quarterly Q & A w/ Loren Lahav

A force of action and resourcefulness. Transforms ideas into reality with lightning speed. With a reputation as the go-to gal for getting things done. For over three decades, she has dedicated herself to helping others and has become known as “The Source for Stay True” for women worldwide. With a fearless approach, Loren has shared stages with the world's most influential humans, taking on challenges and leading impressive results and massive action for hundreds of thousands.


Quarterly Q & A w/ Catie Sullivan

Leads with her whole-heart, nurturing and noticing to discover and empower communication strategies to achieve aspirations that compound ROI. Over 25 years serving leaders backstage. Crafting words, influencing, and guiding some of the worlds’ most respected leaders’ messages. Hybrid Creative Content Strategist // Brand Marketing, Writer, and Public Relations Professional.


Quarterly Q & A w/ Brian Bradley

Vice President of Egoscue Inc. Making physical wellness a priority for millions of people around the world. Ensuring congruent thoughts, decisions and behaviors. Helping others to ensure body’s alignment is the foundation for stable mental and emotional pillars. Aiding others to find their way to the next level of development and fully live Pain Free!


Manifest Your Magnificence

A highly interactive program, FUN-filled and value-packed intensive of discovery and creation.Punctuate your magnificence and illuminate your Life and Business

4 x Own Your Worth 2025 Virtual Tickets

Experience empowered women empowering women (virtually)!

Own Your Mindset, Own Your Money, Own Your Mission. Ages 8 – 88, a community of badass and beautiful women.

The Compass Rose

12-month journey navigating and celebrating your best life.


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